The Need for Getting Free Property Valuation Service

A property valuation report is a report that shows the price rate of a particular property. Price rate of a property can also be called as the market price of the property. It is determined by a property evaluator from a reputed property valuation company. Every property valuation company offer various services. It can be found that certain companies offer you some more information rather than the valuation report alone. This will provide you with a lot of other details that one must follow during buying or selling of property. Free Property Valuation service from valuation companies includes basic guidelines that will help us in interpreting the information.

What you receive with Property Valuation Report

• List of registered proprietors or owners
• A description of property as per the laws which includes the structure of the land
• Zoning or Resource management
• Valuation includes the market rate of the property


In the region section, the evaluator will be putting in the complete details of the area of the property as well as the demographic description. It also consists of all the facilities and features that will be found in the area as well as its neighbourhood.

Basic details and completed description of the property

This is a section in the valuation report where you will find the details of the property that provides a detail of the residential market value and the commercial market value. Other factors that do not affect the final price are ignored altogether.

A detailed description of the improvements

Description about the improvements in the property valuation report is something that is considered as a very important part in the report. When there is a chance of improvement in the property, there is a large chance for the increase in its value. This is the reason why such details are described in the valuation report in a detailed manner.

The methods used in property valuation

The main methods used in the evaluation of the value of property are:

• Sales approach
• Income appreciation approach
• Depreciated replacement cost

Getting the right information of the neighbourhood

When we want to know the right market value of our plot or property, it is natural to compare it with the neighbouring property. It is thus a fact that one of the major methods used during property valuation deals is a sales comparison approach. Hence it is very important to check the rates of the properties that are similar, and those that are found in the neighbourhood. When an evaluation is made, you need to give the evaluator the details of the rate of property in neighbourhood, property value and sales price (if it has been sold), price of property and other details so as to get yourself a proper valuation result of your property.

Future Planning and Its Importance in Property Purchase

House purchase involves a lot of planning and you need to start preparing well ahead of time. Our aim here will be to provide you an insight into various aspects you need to look into. We will also go through some of the important factors you must take into consideration while searching for a home.

House Purchase and Importance of Planning Ahead of Time

Start Saving Early: It is better to start saving early to have required funds for the down payment otherwise you may fall short of the required amount. In such situation you will have no option but to opt for a home loan which is more than 80% of home’s value. Thus it is necessary to start saving a few years ahead of the house purchase.

Emergency Funds: It is common for sundry expenditures to surface while you are moving into your new property. As for example, you will have to pay for utility fees, refreshments for people assisting you in the move and several other similar things which can make a large dent in your savings.

Thus you will have to create an emergency fund few months before the actual move so that you can pay for these miscellaneous expenses.

Evaluate the Property Carefully: You need to thoroughly go through the property during the house inspection along with your home inspector. It is also necessary to have a checklist of things you want to go through at the time of home inspection.

It would be important to spend more time in the house and check all the appliances to make sure everything is working as required. Like for example, there could be some problem with the water heater where it starts to percolate after running for about 15 minutes.

Thus during the property inspection you will have to let the heater run for 15-20 minutes to see if there is any problem or not. In case you rush then you will only come to know about the problem when you start using it on daily basis. If traced at the time of home inspection you may well ask the seller to fix it.

Ask Someone Else to Look at the House: It will be worth asking your friends to have a look at the property along with you since they may notice something which you are not able to spot. A friend who has recently purchased a property will be a great choice since he would know about the caveats to look out for.

Shop for a Home Loan: Apart from banks you can also approach credit unions for your home loan. Credit unions may well provide you the loan for lesser rate. Let us say you get half a point less from credit union as compared to what banks are offering.

In such situation you would be saving about 23k on a loan of 200k over a period of thirty years. Thus over time it will provide you considerable saving.

As a final note we will say that house purchase is not something you think of today and finalize tomorrow. You need to start planning at least a couple of years ahead and cover all aspects to get the house you want.

Duties Involved in Apartment Property Management

Many apartment buildings are managed by a designated manager, who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the apartment and is often the first port of call should you happen to be experiencing an issue of some description.

However, their job descriptions extends far beyond simply handling the tenants of the building. The following are just a few of the tasks that an apartment property manager will be required to handle.


It is not uncommon for disputes to arise between different members of the apartment complex and it often falls down to the apartment manager to mediate the discussions and attempt to find a resolution that is suitable for everyone.

In some cases this may be fairly simple, such as when one tenant is being too noisy and thus disturbing the peace. However, other disputes can be much more complication so the manager must know how to handle such issues peacefully and to the benefit of both the building and its tenants.


The apartment manager is directly responsible for any maintenance issues in the building. While the work itself may be carried out by a janitor or other contractors, it is the manager that has the responsibility to ensure that everything is running as it should be. They will also need to be able to determine if any reported issues can be handled internally, or if somebody needs to be called in to help.

As such, they must make themselves available to the tenants so that they can report any issues, in addition to maintaining relationships with contractors and other personnel who will be able to come out and rectify the issue at a reasonable price.

Collecting Rent

In most cases the rent payments are made directly to the building’s owners or through an agent acting on their behalf. However, if a payment is overdue for whatever reason it will often be the building’s manager that needs to speak to the tenant in question and arrange for the payment to be made.

Much like with mediation, this often requires a delicate touch. However, the apartment manager must also have the authority to act if the tenant is refusing to pay and must also know how to best make use of this power to ensure that they get what they need from the tenant without disrupting the lives of other occupants of the building.

Signing Leases

In some cases, though not all, the apartment manager will also be responsible for signing leases and showing prospective tenants around the building. This means that they need to know their building inside and out so that they can ensure they provide accurate information while also keeping the best interests of the building owners in mind.

>A solid mind for marketing helps here, as it can be used to accentuate the positives of the building while downplaying some of the negatives. In short, they will need to be able to sell the building to the tenant and convince them that it is a place that is worthy of being called their home.